Ask Me, I’m a Curator.

Ever wonder about how museums work but never know who to ask? Want to know what something you saw in the museum is? Have a really random question? You should Ask A Curator! And you can do just that, this Wednesday, September 1st, all day!

Ask A Curator

The AANM is one of a few hundred museums around the world participating in a one-day online event connecting museum vistors with the staff behind the scenes. As the Curator of Exhibits here at the museum, I’ll be the one answering your tweets and comments. We welcome any question, related to museums, that you can come up with.

Ask your questions using one of the following methods:

TWITTER: All you have to do is start your tweet with @ArabAmericanMus if it is specifically aimed at us. Or, tag a general question with #AskACurator and not only will we find it, but other participating museums can answer too!

FACEBOOK: If you’re our “fan” on Facebook you can ask us a question right on our wall! We’ll answer in a comment right there!

THIS BLOG: If you don’t use either of the above, you can always ask us something right here! We’ll reply to your comments as we get them in.

Sometimes we might have to use more than 140 characters to answer a question elsewhere so keep an eye on this blog for more answers too! Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can follow our  Feed throughout the day to see our answers to all the questions we get.

So get your questions ready! We dare you to stump us!

-Elizabeth B.

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