Rosemary Hakim’s Christmas Cards

It’s time for another Artifact of the Month! In honor of the upcoming holidays, I thought I would share some historical Christmas cards that are in our Rosemary Hakim collection. Ms. Hakim won the inaugural “Miss Lebanon-America” pageant in 1954, which earned her a months-long trip to Lebanon and put her in the spotlight in both the Arab American community and in the Arab World. After her reign ended, she took a role as a clerk in the Arab States Delegation Office at the United Nations, which kept her in contact with many of the people she had met overseas and introduced her to many more.

Her collection contains scrapbooks, photos, newspapers, memorabilia from her trip abroad and other items chronicling her life and work.  Among these items are a number of Christmas cards sent to Ms. Hakim in the 1950s and 1960s. These Christmas cards are from friends, associates and dignitaries from the US and the Arab World. Check out some of the cards below, and learn more about Rosemary Hakim’s collection by viewing her finding aid on our website.

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