Digital Scrapbook Info

What is the purpose of this project?
We want to place the creation of museum content directly in the hands of Arab Americans in order to capture the diversity of the Arab American experience.

What are the benefits of this project?
Each participant will receive a flash drive that has a copy of the final project, along with high resolution scans of all the photographs and documents used in their story.

These photographs, documents, and oral narratives will be added to the Museum’s permanent collection and will be made available for scholars to examine, students to explore, and the AANM to consider as future exhibit materials. The finished digital scrapbooks will become part of an online collection that will be shared with a wide audience via the Museum’s website.

How does it work?
The process has four steps:

  1. Schedule an appointment. Contact the librarian by phone at 313-624-0223 or email to set a date to work on your digital scrapbook in the AANM Library & Resource Center’s Community History Studio.
  2. Think about a family narrative you could tell in a 2-3 minute video. It could be the story of a family member’s wedding, business, immigration – whatever you like. Gather the photographs and documents you have to support that story. The process works best if you have practiced telling the story and written down information about the photos and documents before your appointment.
  3. Come prepared. On the day of your visit, bring your photographs and documents and notes about your family story.
  4. Make your digital scrapbook! During the appointment, AANM staff will help to scan photos and documents, assist in creating the short video, record the audio narrative (if desired), and finalize the digital scrapbook. Participants will leave with a flash drive of all materials and a link to the final product, posted to YouTube, to share with friends and family.

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